Hello, I'm Gia.

I am an aspiring medical illustrator/animator at the School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication at University of Texas at Dallas. I am a Design and Production major with a minor in Biology.

My focus is on figurative art, 3D Modeling and Interaction Design.

I like to experiment and transform traditional art through new technological tools for compelling visualizations.

Current Project

Orie Project with Children's Health Innovation Lab

Task: An application aims to reduce the amount of time required by nurses to provide room orientation while increasing the patients and families’ comprehension of the orientation at the hospital.

UX Process & Skills Used :

- Conducts interview with nurses specialized in pediatric healthcare

- Create personas of diverse group of parents and children

- Design an interactive prototype for feedbacks

Click here to see the research process

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Studio BubbaRocket Motion Graphics 

We are a team of four members working to create motion graphics for our clients such as Dialectree

Role: Storyboard Assistant, Concept Artist, Animator.
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